#Dark Cocoa

Dark cocoa is known to make you happy and has a very healthy, even blood pressure-lowering effect. This can be explained because cocoa contains many flavanols which have a positive effect on the elasticity of the blood vessels and thus on blood pressure. Thus cocoa can also help to reduce the risk of stroke. The substances theobromine and theophylline contained in cocoa cause feelings of happiness and stimulate the circulation and the central nervous system. Dark cocoa also contains a particularly high level of antioxidants, which act as radical scavengers in the body.

#Coconut Blossom Sugar with Stevia

Coconut blossom sugar from the nectar of coconut blossoms is the star among low-glycemic sweeteners. It is a good choice for all those who are suffering from health problems such as diabetes, overweight, heart disease etc., it offers a great alternative. The steviol glycosides come from the sweet tasting South American plant, which is processed in many countries to a healthy sweetener. Steviol glycosides contain neither calories nor sugar. They even regulate the blood sugar level, protect the teeth from caries and are discussed as a blood pressure lowering agent.


Among the African peoples almost every part of the baobab tree is used. The fruits of the magic tree are real superfoods, rich in vitamin C, iron, antioxidative polyphenols and many other vital substances. The fruits, seeds and leaves of the baobab are said to help with infectious diseases and inflammations of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the seeds of the baobab fruit are a popular natural remedy for strengthening the heart and liver. But also flowers, bark and roots are said to have healing powers. The flower essences of the baobab are said to help with arthrosis and arthritis, for example.


Quinoa is perhaps one of the best vegetable protein sources in the world. The unique thing about quinoa is that the small grains contain all nine essential amino acids, which is very unusual for a plant-based food. The mineral richness of quinoa is far superior to that of common grains. In addition, the delicious Inca grain is gluten-free and can therefore be eaten without hesitation if you have cereal intolerances.


Vegetable proteins are in no way inferior to animal proteins, e.g. muscle building works just as well with vegetable proteins. But who wants proteins that only make muscles grow? A really good protein does much more for your health. It activates fat burning, supplies vital substances, increases performance and initiates healing processes of the cells. This is exactly what our plant protein powders from sunflower seeds, rice protein concentrates, sweet lupine flour, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds are capable of.


Turmeric, also known as curcuma, is a plant from the ginger family and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A detoxifying effect has also been observed. For thousands of years turmeric has been used in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic recipes. In recent years, numerous studies have been published confirming what has long been known in ancient folk medicine: turmeric has unexpectedly many healing properties and effects.


Glucomannan is a dietary fibre extracted from the konjac root, also known as the Asian devil’s tongue. Studies show that glucomannan has many positive health effects. These special dietary fibers support positive blood fat values and support the balance of the “bad” LDL cholesterol and dangerous triglyceride level in the blood. In addition, glucomannan stimulates the metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar, ensures early and long-lasting satiety and can thus help with weight loss. Even the EFSA, the “European Food Safety Authority”, declared in 2010 that glucomannan can help reduce body weight in overweight people.