Ashwagandha, also known as sleeping berry, winter cherry, queen of Ayurveda or Indian ginseng – has many wonderful effects. Ashwagandha contains substances in a combination that is very rarely found in other plants. Ashwaghanda is also known as an adaptogen. Thus, for thousands of years, Ashwaghanda has helped the body cope better with stress, keep energy levels high, and remain highly concentrated for long periods of time. Thus, Ashwaghanda is said to have multiple health benefits in India, Asia and also Africa.

#African Mango

Studies have been able to show that the African Mango could reduce body weight and that its use resulted in targeted fat loss. The special citrus extracts, such as the bitter orange, provide patented raw materials for weight reduction. The carefully selected orange and grapefruit extracts form a synergistically effective complex of bioactive polyphenols, which have a positive influence on the body composition. With good scientific results, this natural fat burner represents a highly effective solution for people to get rid of excess fat reserves.