#Green tea

Green tea is one of the most studied foods in recent years. The Japanese national drink is considered a fountain of youth with seemingly inexhaustible health potential. While the natural ingredients have already been extensively researched, the findings on its antioxidant effect on the brain are only gradually penetrating and confirm what the Japanese and the ancient Greeks have long known.


Caffeine is mainly contained in coffee or tea and acts in the human body as a psychoactive substance that leads to excitation of the nervous system. Caffeine has amazing effects on our grey cells: The concentration is increased. The reaction speed and receptiveness of our brain also increases, we are more concentrated. Coffee is also said to make us more creative, more intelligent and more persevering, and is therefore a popular kick for physical training.


Glucomannan is a dietary fiber from the konjac root, also called Asian devil’s tongue. It has many positive health effects, e.g. it stimulates the metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar, ensures early, long-lasting satiety and can thus help with weight loss. Even the EFSA, the “European Food Safety Authority” confirmed this in 2010.