MSM, methylsulfonylmethane, is an organic sulfur compound that provides valuable sulfur. Sulfur is indispensable for many endogenous substances, e.g. enzymes, hormones, insulin, glutathione, an antioxidant and many amino acids. If sulfur is missing, glutathione cannot maintain the immune system. During detoxification, MSM makes the membranes, the cell walls, more permeable for detox effects.

#Wild Garlic

Wild garlic is a very important component of detoxification. It contains a combination of vitamin C, chlorophyll, sulfur and many other plant substances typical of wild garlic. In addition, bear’s garlic in combination with coriander and chlorella algae is very effective in detoxifying heavy metals (especially mercury).

#beta Glucan​

The consumption of beta-glucan from oats or barley as part of a meal contributes to the reduction of blood sugar levels and slower absorption of carbohydrates. The regulating effect of oat’s own beta-glucan on cholesterol levels is internationally recognized.


Chlorella algae also dissolve toxins and then bind them in the intestine. Bear’s garlic and chlorella form the basis for detoxification with additional coriander, which in turn detoxifies the central nervous system and even the bones. Chlorella is scientifically one of the best-researched organisms.


Coriander is known from the Asian cuisine. Coriander promotes the elimination of toxins. In European naturopathy, coriander is of particular importance as a means of eliminating heavy metals, especially mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminum, to which we are inevitably exposed via the air, drinking water and food.